Holderchem - A partner with the right chemistry

Holderchem is a main manufacturer and supplier of cement additives, concrete admixtures, mortars and specialty construction products. The company has a long standing tradition and commitment towards quality, offering its customers products meeting the requirements of international industry standards while providing them with state-of-the-art technical support.

Knowledge & Development - Insight with a good outlook

Holderchem boasts a tradition of planned strategic growth which has served it well in both expansionary and recessionary environments. The manufacturing entity is ISO 9001 certified and has secured REACH pre-registration of substances and appointed an Only Representative (OR) to allow for smooth product imports in European Union member states. Holderchem’s organization is being expanded in a coordinated and consistent manner relying on highly skilled sales and management teams experienced in the field. Products offered are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet even the most stringent European and American norms. IT systems are developed to ensure experience, knowledge and relationships are exchanged and shared with partners and customers for the benefit of the entire organization. Holderchem is committed to cultivating innovative alternatives to traditional building materials, and to promoting the increased use of renewable resources in all of its businesses.

Philosophy - the Bond of Competence

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, or the teams involved in the process, when the chemistry is right, efficiency and success are guaranteed. At Holderchem, we strive to develop important and mutually beneficial partnerships with all our customers. Holderchem customers benefit not only from superior products, but also in the sharing of Holderchem’s extensive experience, know-how and technology that is an integral element of the partnership offered. At Holderchem, we endeavor to create solutions individually adapted to the specific needs of each customer and project. We work to support our customers – see that they succeed in their projects, demonstrating creative methods and superior finished products, all bearing the fruits of our teamwork.

We offer a comprehensive range of proven products that have been extensively tested not only in the laboratory, but also in close cooperation with ultimate end-users. As a result, we have succeeded in developing solutions for different problems.

Concrete Admixtures – Durability in combination with safety

Faster processes and more reliable materials are required to compete in the construction marketplace today. This is particularly true in dam, underground and tunnel construction, and other areas where concrete is subject to high loads or requires protection from environment and service abuses. In these situations, Holderchem offers products designed specially to influence the behavior and ultimate performance of concrete. Through our technology we create concrete that sets faster or slower; that exhibits greater capacity to withstand physical and chemical influences; that offers improved mechanical strengths; that ensures fast, on-time project completion. And through all of our efforts to ensure concrete that provides longevity and durability, we understand that technical support and application safety are equally important. In every respect, we strive to develop superior products that work not only effectively, but also safely, never compromising the health of workers, surrounding areas or the environment. Holderchem offers products that compete in today’s construction marketplace encompassing:

  • Concrete admixtures: They simplify concrete placing, enable faster mold stripping, and provide defect-free concrete surfaces. Thanks to improved application efficiency, overall economy is optimized.
  • Shotcrete admixtures: New product systems simultaneously improve pumpability and high early strengths for greater layer thickness. Our alkali-free, new generation accelerators contribute substantially to improved safety of workers and the environment.
  • Mortar admixtures: Application efficiency and flexibility at the job site are considerably increased through controlled hydration of the cement. Even large areas can be placed with consistent and uniform results.

Mortars – To preserve and improve

To everything there is a season. And sooner or later, even the most solid structures will feel the touch of time. But while mechanical and environmental stresses compromise all structures eventually, their effects can be minimized and often postponed. Holderchem has pioneered a comprehensive system for repair and restoration of distressed concrete, with products developed for workability and compatibility. Repair and grouting mortars work to reinstate the concrete to its original condition and to further extend service life by improving structural capabilities. To ensure complete success, trained Holderchem specialists provide on-site support and guidance in the proper handling and application of Holderchem products.

Holderchem has pioneered a system for repair, restoration and long-term protection of concrete structures. Our comprehensive package of proven products, application training, and technical consulting provides the right combination for lasting structural performance.

  • Repair mortars: Comprehensive and state-of-the-art concrete repair and restoration systems responding to a wide array of applications and requirements. Pre-packaged, ready to use, they develop excellent adhesion and low shrinkage.
  • Grouting mortars: Excellent flow characteristics and minimized shrinkage guarantee precise anchoring and grouting of structures and equipment.
  • Rendering mortars: Variability in application techniques and specially adapted additives ensure uniform and well-protected surfaces.

Protective Systems – More out and around concrete

Providing technology to support cement and concrete manufacturers is only one part of the picture at Holderchem. We also offer a broad range of products for the protection of concrete surfaces and structures. Flooring systems with metallic fibers, dry-shake surface hardeners as well as self-leveling cement and resin based floor toppings and underlayment. All provide protection and added performance for industrial, institutional and commercial applications. Coatings, adhesives and waterproofing systems are offered for enhanced protection and improvement of concrete performance and aesthetics. Along supplying all of these products, Holderchem provides customers with solid technical training and application guidance. With superior products and informed, educated applicators Holderchem has gained respect and has proven to influence the construction industry. Whenever concrete protection and / or concrete performances need to be improved, Holderchem offers the best-suited, most durable and effective protective systems for all concrete surfaces and structures.

  • Floorings: Mineral and metallic dry-shake hardeners and toppings for heavy-duty industrial flat floors provide increased abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Coatings: For high mechanical and chemical resistance and improved hygiene and aesthetic demands.
  • Fibers: Steel fibers minimize joint design, counteract concrete cracking and generally increase the mechanical strength of the concrete.
  • Ceramic Tiles and Stone Materials: Holderchem boasts a complete range of products adapted to all installation systems on any scale. The range includes cementitious adhesives, paste adhesives, hydraulic binders for screed, primers, leveling compounds, grouts, sealants and ancillary products suitable for special applications such as repair work without demolition, decorative applications and applications that need to be handled in a speedy and efficient manner.
  • Special Construction Materials: Protection, aesthetics and durability in all areas – Holderchem's range of products also includes adhesives, joint sealing compounds, protective systems as well as curing compounds and form release agents.

Services & Presence - Setup for excellent connections

The specialists at Holderchem are sharing their know-how with customers during all stages of construction: the planning and design period, the application process, and even after completion of the project. Holderchem fosters communication among all parties involved – from owners to architects, from contractors to engineers, from ready-mix operators to applicators.

  • Consulting: Holderchem offers project consultancy in all related matters, especially prior and during the application process.
  • Training: pre-job instruction, on-site application training and comprehensive theoretical and practical workshops are all available.
  • Testing: ISO 9001 certification guarantees customer focus and highest product qualities. Included in our comprehensive service package are material testing, technical expertise, and on-site inspections.
  • Sustainability: Holderchem works in harmony with the environment. ISO 4001 certification reassures our commitment to constantly strive for efficient utilization of resources, while at the same time reducing overall carbon footprint for a greener future.